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Manufacturing workers in the Sacramento PMSA have out-earned their counterparts in California's Manufacturing industries in nine of the last ten years. Using the data available from the California Employment Development Department's Labor Market Information section, the annual average weekly earnings of manufacturing employees in the Sacramento MSA have increased from $553.50 in 1995, to $653.90 in 2004. California's manufacturing employees, on the other hand, earned $516.60 in 1995, and $614.20 in 2002. The MSA's advantage is forecast to widen slightly in 2005 when the California Average Weekly Earnings will increase to $626.60 and the Sacramento PMSA value will be $668.3, a gap of $41.70.
Average Weekly Earnings Comparison: 1995 to 2005
Not only do the Manufacturing workers in the Sacramento PMSA generally make more money than their counterparts in California, but for much of the ten years, they usually worked less to get it. The average hours worked per week by Manufacturing workers in the Sacramento MSA was 40.6 hours in 1995, while Manufacturing workers in California worked an average of 41.2 hours per week. The advantage has diminished such that, in 2002, the Sacramento MSA hours were 40.1, while the California hours were 40.7 - less than a full hour difference. Since then, the opposite has been true, with the PMSA workers putting an average of between 18 and 24 more minutes each week relative to their California counterparts. The difference is expected to continue in 2005.
Average Hours Worked per Week Comparison: 1995 to 2005
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