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The annual average number of "Wage and Salary" jobs in the Yuba City Component Economic Area (CEA), a.k.a. Yuba City Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) declined a minor 0.2% (83 Jobs) in 2012. This followed a 1.3% (542 jobs) increase in 2011. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for a small increase of 0.5% (203 jobs).
graph, Employment, 1995-2013
The annual Unemployment Rate for the MSA/CEA for 2012 was 17.4%, down a full percentage point plus from the 18.5% in 2011. The forecast for the annual Unemployment Rate for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for an increase to 18.0%.
graph, Unemployment Rate, 1995-2013
Taxable Sales
Taxable Sales from all Outlets in the Yuba City MSA/CEA increased 2.12% to $1.64 billion in 2010, after a decrease of 10.7% in 2009. The forecast for 2011, based on actual data through the 3rd quarter, 2011, is an 9.0% increase; followed by a 4.58% increase in 2012 and another 4.58% increase in 2013.
graph, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1995-2013
Building Permits
There were a total of 92 Residential Building Permits in the Yuba City MSA/CEA region in 2012, the highest level since 2009 and up 13 permits from the 2011 level of 79. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for a basically unchanged 1.8% (2 permit) decline to a total of 90 permits in 2013.
graph, Building Permits, 1995-2013
Data Tables
The Sacramento Forecast Project maintains files for these variables and the supporting variables for Yuba City CEA/MSA, in Excel format, that can be made available on request.

table, Employment, 1990-2013
table, Employment, 1990-2013
table, Unemployment Rate, 1990-2013
table, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1990-2013
table, Building Permits, 1995-2013
The best way to get additional information on the Yuba City CEA /MSA is from the two counties involved - Sutter and Yuba Counties. For information about the CEA and its environment, try:

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