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Colusa County is an agricultural based county, and with around 26% of the 2011 workforce classified as agricultural, the employment/unemployment patterns directly reflect that condition. The number of jobs in all industries had an increase of 0.18% (20 jobs) in 2012. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for another 1.8% (150 job) increase.
graph, Employment, 1995-2013
Even when you remove the agriculture employment for Colusa County, the seasonal variation remains because of the impact agriculture has on the rest of the employment sectors. Nonfarm Employment growth in Colusa County increased in 2012 by 0.5% (30 jobs). The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for a 1.4% (90 job) increase.
graph, NonFarm Employment, 1995-2013
The annual Unemployment Rate for Colusa County was 20.0% in 2012, down from the 20.4% rate in 2011. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is a slight decline to 19.7%.
graph, Unemployment Rate, 1995-2013
Taxable Sales
Taxable Sales for all Outlets in Colusa County, in 2009, experienced a significant increase of $155.9 million to a total of $484.6 million - a 47.4% increase. The increase was concentrated primarily in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2009 and the values for the 4th quarter of 2009 and the first quarter of 2010 were more in line with the historical levels. The increases were not in the retail sectors, rather in the "All Other Outlets" category. The increase was not sustained in 2010, which experienced a 29.24% ($141.7 million) decline to a total of $342.9 million. The forecast for 2011 (based on actual results through the 3rd quarter, 2011) is for a 5.1% increase, followed by a 4.5% increase in 2012, followed by another 4.5% increase in 2013.
graph, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1990-2013
Data Tables
The Sacramento Forecast Project maintains files for these variables and the supporting variables for Colusa County, in Excel format, that can be made available on request.
table, Employment, 1999-2013
table, NonFarm Employment, 1999-2013
table, Unemployment Rate, 1999-2013
table, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1990-2013
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