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31Jan13:  The total number of Wage and Salary Jobs (the Establishment Survey) in the 11 county Sacramento Economic Area increased 1.25% (12,342 jobs) in 2012, after declining 0.46% (4,556 jobs) in 2011, a decline that was much less than the 1.9% decrease in 2010. The forecast for 2013, based on data through December, 2012, is an 0.54% (5,427 jobs) increase.
graph, Employment, 2000-2013
31Jan13:  The annual average Unemployment Rate for the Economic Area in 2012 was 10.2%, down from the 11.8% in 2011. The Sacramento Economic Area's annual Unemployment Rate for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is forecast to be an even lower 9.9%.
graph, Unemployment Rate, 2000-2013
Taxable Sales
31Jan13:  The growth in Taxable Sales from all Outlets in the eleven county Sacramento Economic Area returned in 2010 was a 2.0% ($648. million) increase. The forecast for 2011, based on actual sales data through the 3rd quarter of 2011, is for a 6.6% ($2.20 billion) increase, followed by another 1.9% increase in 2012 and an increase of 3.2% in 2013.

A word of caution about these sales forecasts - actual data for Taxable Sales are currently 5 quarters (closer to 6 quarters) behind, so the "current" data does not reflect any of the actions and events of the past year and a half.
graph, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 2000-2013
Data Tables
The Sacramento Forecast Project maintains files for these variables and the supporting variables for the Sacramento Economic Area, in Excel format, that can be made available on request.
table, Employment, all Industries, 2000-2013
table, Unemployment Rate, 2000-2013
table, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1995-2013
For information on the Sacramento Economic Area, I recommend that you use the resources listed for the various geographic entities that constitute the area.

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