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The number of jobs in the Butte and Glenn Counties Composite Economic Area increased a small 0.2% (200 jobs) in 2012, compared to the decrease of 2.1% (1,700 jobs) in 2011. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for a 0.02% (10 job) increase.
graph, Employment, 1995-2013
The average annual Unemployment Rate for the CEA declined again in 2012, to 12.6% from the 13.8% in 2011. The forecast for 2013, based on actual data through December, 2012, is for an increase to 13.2%.
graph, Unemployment Rate, 1995-2013
Taxable Sales
Taxable Sales for all Outlets in the CEA reversed the negative pattern of the three previous years by increasing 4.5% ($120 million) in 2010. Based on actual data through the 3rd quarter of 2011, Taxable Sales, all Outlets for 2011 will have an increase of 5.1%, followed by a 2.7% increase in 2012 and a 2.7% increase in 2013.
graph, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1995-2013
Data Tables
The Sacramento Forecast Project maintains files for these variables and the supporting variables for the Butte & Glenn Counties Composite Economic Area, in Excel format, that can be made available on request.

table, Employment, all Industries, 1999-2013
table, Unemployment Rate, 1999-2013
table, Taxable Sales, all Outlets, 1990-2013
The Internet sites in the Chico/Paradise CEA are primarily in Butte County.
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